Thursday, March 23, 2017

Moving Day

I technically relocated to the country almost two years ago, but the market wasn't in great shape and our home was in need of some minor attention. Since my husband's work is on our old side of town, it helped having a place for him to stay a few nights a week. However, the updates to the house were pretty much complete and the commute has definitely taken it's toll. Time to sell.

The Lord blessed us by allowing us to cross paths with buyer's who were renting in our neighborhood. Though it's been an unconventional process, we remained faithful asking God to bless this transaction and our efforts to sell to them. Finally, we are scheduled to close.

With a closing date drawing near, we are making arrangements to start packing and moving, so tons of questions are crossing my mind. How will I pack the remaining items in my house with a 2 year old who requires A LOT of attention. Will he unpack the box I just closed? Can we get away without a storage unit or will we have to splurge on that too? If we do need a storage unit, will it need to be climate control? Thankfully, I have an adaptable set of people working with me to help us find all the answers we need during this transition.

Some obvious things on the to do list include packing, but I had to determine if there was any furniture that we could let go. Determined there is, I start photographing and listing items that can go from our current living arrangements, and, later, I'll add the items from the house we are selling. It doesn't matter if I'm yard selling or online selling IT IS STRESSFUL & NOT my forte.

Combine Stress Away, Orange & Peppermint in the Diffuser for a sweet stress relief!
If you're in the Luthersville, GA region and need a couch, faux leather chair, chest & nightstand or baby crib, let me know by sending an email. Here'a re pictures, but you can also find them on letgo or 5miles.

Antiqued Black Chest & Nightstand - $150 OBO

34" W x 21" D x 48.75" H
Good Condition, yet bottom drawer is in need of minor repair.


22" W x 18.25" D x 27" H
Faux Leather Chair with Ottoman - $200 OBO

Chair: 50" W x 37" D | Ottoman: 24" x 24"


Sturdy Couch - $100 OBO

88-90" L x 38" D

Sturdy Baby Bed - $75 OBO

Regular Size Crib

Folded: 6' L x 52" H
I am surely not the only one who's lived this, but if you know of someone who is looking for any of these items, please have them make me an offer. We are ready to letgo!!

What essential oils do you prefer in a stressful situation? Frankincense is also on my list.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Transitioning from Crib to Bed

I’ve been told there is no set time to transition my toddler from a baby crib to a regular bed, but let me just tell you… This is an area I didn’t know I had preconceived ideas about, until I did.

Since before #MyBoy turned two, I felt the need to get him out of his crib. This urge to get him into a big boy bed just creeped in and wouldn’t leave. It was probably me worrying about what other people thought more than anything, but I’ll tell you this… you can’t make parenting choices based on other people’s opinions. So, I chose to look for a few signs before transitioning #MyBoy from his crib to a bed, and I feel comfortable with the timing and results.

  1. Is he climbing out of his bed? I knew once this happened, we had safety concerns on our hands.
  2. Does he get out of bed at naps or bedtime? Once he started showing signs that he was becoming more confident climbing and getting in & out of the crib was approaching, I tested his obedience. Test him in a regular bed (at home or away) during bedtime (naps too). Does he stay in bed without testing authority or does he get up and down, drawing out the bedtime process? I tested this theory during a 3-night weekend away. We were lucky because #MyBoy stayed in the bed when I laid him down for naps and bedtime.
  3. Does he get excited when you talk about a big boy bed? If he gets excited when you mention a big boy bed, he may be ready.

As I waited for the safety need to arrive, I enjoyed the phase of having an immobile toddler. In other words, he wasn’t getting out of bed after naps or first thing in the morning without my knowledge. If you’re living it, enjoy it, right?  However, my intuition slowly informed me that it was time for the transition. I confirmed his readiness by testing the three areas mentioned and BOOM! We successfully transitioned him this past weekend.

We live in a 2-bedroom space, but we have extra space in a small 10x8 room. I used the small room as his baby room to designate our 2nd room as a guest space. Since it was time to transition and we already had a king size bedroom suite in our guest room, we transitioned him straight to a new room at the same time. I am happy to report that this has been a parent win! He is sleeping great in his new space and his old space is the perfect playroom, housing a lot of the toys that use to take up extra living room space.

Now, let me acknowledge that my theory may not work for your 2.5 year old. Ages for making this transition vary from home to home, family to family. There is not always an easy answer. While I was trying to make the best decisions for our family, I read the different blogs & baby-site articles. You may find your answers elsewhere. For instance, CafĂ© gives 5 signs your toddler is ready for his own bed, and says the average age for making the switch from crib to bed is between 3 and 4 years. Regardless of where or who you get your encouragement, trust your gut. A parent’s intuition will guide you through those choices that don’t need to be perfect. So give yourself a little grace, time to be sad when the time comes to move your toddler from a crib to a big boy bed because it is sad, and then move on. Enjoy the win and the next stage.

Tell me how you knew your child was ready for this transition. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Parenting Dilemma

After a day outside with the family, playing hard, this mama needs some prayers. My sweet boy fell into the lake, not once but twice, yesterday. (Hold-on, haters! He was under adult supervision.) He definitely panicked, probably swallowed some nasty water, and may have created a healthy fear of water for the time being... Lake water intake may have also led to #pukeonislefour. That's right! I cleaned this up twice, after bedtime. YAS! Moms know what that means; clean the kid and get him comfy, oil him up (Thieves essential oil blend on the feet and Tummygize... well, you get the drift), strip the bed, wash the contents of the bed in the sink and then throw them in the washer, remake the bed... but wait, all his favorite blanket are in they wash... so, oil him up again (Valor to the rescue) and snuggle long enough to see if he can go back down without puking! No? Okay, round two...

You get the picture, but wait; then, I am told about secondary drowning which I've never heard about. Panic! Google! Panic again! Is my kiddo gonna survive the night or drown in his sleep? I had to check him 10 times before finally going to sleep at 1 am. Did I mention, I had the monitor volume all the way UP for the first time ever? Oh, and I was up checking him every few hours throughout the night... I'm a tired mama today, who is still a little stressed out (enter Stress Away essential oil)!

#MyBoy has remained himself, showing no signs of troubled breathing, fatigue or other odd behavior, since incident one. So, here's the dilemma... am I being too confident in my parenting by avoiding a trip to the doctor? Should I be "better safe than sorry" and take him in for overnight observation even though we are safely past the 24 hour mark? What would you do, if you're a mom and in my shoes?

Use the comments to share your stories or give me feedback about what you would do in this situation. I look forward to the dialog because I'm only a mom of one, yet the eldest child of 6. I don't panic often, and I typically choose trust in my intuition.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

My One Word 2017

As I reflect on the blessings of 2016, I realize that I don't remember planning the year. What happened, happened. Things fell into place in many areas, but other than a little monthly planning, I didn't really make plans for 2016. Therefore, I didn't have a lot of movement. I think it was a great year of reflection, so I am not looking at 2016 as a year of failure, by any means. However, I intend for 2017 to be a year of intention. I will be intentional and consistent in my planning.

This year, I'm starting off with a little reflection but even more ambitions. Planning sessions, writing, dreaming... alone and as a family. Throughout, I've been searching for a word to hit me and stand out as my one word for 2017. Today, it did.

Change. Make a change! Be the one to change! Experience Change! Embrace Change! Help people change! Change people's lives! ...recognize when change needs to be made!

Are you ready to be intentional in 2017? Pick one word with me, and let's carry our words thru 12 months of planning and see how this year differs from the last.

Reflect and aspire, then come back and share your one word with me in the comments below, and let's talk about making 2017 great!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

How to Make the Best Burger from Leftovers

Do you watch cooking shows? I have been letting it play in the background as I work lately. Oh my goodness, it's hard not to get sucked in because these chefs and junior chefs are so inspirational and creative.

Since Haylie Duff received her great grandmother's cookbook from her dad, she's found a love for cooking and is now serving up a fresh approach. If you haven't seen any of her television series related to cooking, you should check it out. Today, I got inspired while watching Haylie's America. After all it was almost lunchtime, so I headed to the kitchen to see what I had to work with. I found:

  • a leftover, cooked Bubba Burger
  • jalapeno cheese
  • diced onion
  • cut avocado
  • sliced tomato
  • spinach
  • raw, sliced potato chips
  • a bun
  • ranch dressing
  • ketchup
  • mustard
  • barbecue sauce
  • Tabasco
These ingredients screamed specialty burger. Let's do this!

First, I threw some diced onion in a pan with a little avocado oil. While these were caramelizing, I threw some raw, sliced potato chips on a pan and popped them in the oven on 350 degrees. I actually used too much avocado oil on the onions, so I fried a few chips with the onions before adding them to the pan in the oven - just for a little extra crisp, if you know what I mean.

Next, you want to set the onions aside and melt some cheese on top of the bubba burger. Butter the bun and prepare it for grilling. While your meat is heating and cheese melting, mix your sauce. This sauce made the burger...

I can't tell you how much of each sauce I used, so be sure to mix these ingredients one at a time, in this order and taste between each ingredient. You should like the flavor at each tasting. I mixed ranch and ketchup first, until I liked the flavor. Next, I added barbecue sauce and 4 drops of tabasco for a little kick. Since it was missing something, I put in a little mustard too. It still wasn't right, so I added a bit of ketchup until I got the right flavor. Mmm! I knew this was gonna be a good burger, once I completed this sauce.

After the cheese and burger were melted, I toasted the buttered bun on the stove top, where I grilled the onions, heated the burger and melted the cheese. And once the bun was grilled, it was time to assemble this baby...

Pull the chips from the oven, as long as they are crispy enough, dusting with a little sea salt. To assemble the burger exactly as I did, add grilled onion to the bottom half of the bun, add the burger with cheese, top with avocado and tomato, then drizzle a layer of sauce. Next add a few chips, drizzle another layer of sauce, top with spinach, close it with the top bun, and ENJOY! 

At first bite, I knew I'd made a winner burger. To add a little more flavor to my homemade chips, I dipped them in the leftover sauce. The combination of flavors required that I share this recipe with you. Might be a lot of work to make for more than a few people, but, nonetheless, it's a tasty way to enjoy a leftover burger.

When you decide to try this recipe, please come back and comment below. If you find a way to improve it, let us know that too!