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I'm glad you stopped by to find out more about me as Your Oily FREE.K.  I am an essential oil lover, user and educator. I'm obsessed because they have helped our family in so many ways, big and small.  Better sleep and less pain equal better health and wellness overall.  Read how I became an oil lover here, but continue reading to find out why essential oils are at the very core of my daily routine.  I'll give you essential oil highlights, why everyone needs essential oils and the resources you need, if you are ready to try them for the first time or upgrade your source of essential oils. #YLlifestyle #YLEO #YourOilyFREEK #OilyFREEKs
What are essential oils?  
Essential oils are the distilled essence of plants.
They are highly concentrated.
They have been used for thousands of years.
They inspire positive emotional state.
They enhance physical wellness.
They purify your home.
They refine your skin.
They create a deep spiritual awareness.
Why did I choose Young Living?
After ample research on essential oils, comparing purity, price and results, I chose Young Living Essential Oils for our family.
Young Living is the world leader in essential oil research and distillation. Their story started over 20 years ago.
Young Living owns their own farms around the globe.
Young Living essential oils do not expire if stored properly.
Young Living has over 150 singles and blends of essential oils, along with supplements and other high quality products.
Finally, Young Living has a Seed to Seal process which guarantees the purity and potency of every bottle of oil and product they create. 
How do you use them?
Apply topically, typically by diluting with a carrier oil.
Inhale them directly from the bottle.
Diffuse them (and share with everyone in the room).
Ingest most, as Young Living has an entire Vitality Line of essential oils.
If you still have questions, contact me and we can chat! 

So where do you start?  Most people I know agree that becoming a wholesale member is the way to go.  Young Living generously makes this available for everyone without ever having to participate in distribution.  Awesomesauce!  I've always considered this membership better than my local warehouse membership because I get product with my membership fee.   
To become a member, the purchase of a Premium Starter Kit gives you a wholesale discount for a year; in other words, you get 24% off retail prices.  Even better is you also get that starter kit, which is an everyday collection of 11 essential oils, a diffuser and a collection of other great things to help you get started.  By far, this is best bang for your buck and the best way to introduce yourself and your family to essential oils to see what they can do!


Ordering through me means you will have access to me for all your essential oil questions.  I will be on your oily journey the whole way.  After you've ordered a Premium Starter Kit, you will have access to our private Facebook group where you can connect with other oily enthusiasts, ask questions and learn new ways to use your oils.  You’ll also have access and first priority into our online classes and other fun events.  If you're local, you'll get first priority into my local events, as well.
I am thrilled that your curiosity about essential oils brought you here!  I have been very lucky to have an amazing group that helps me through essential oil continuing education, and I will make sure you have all the education and support you need too.  Please email me with any questions or comments, as I'm here to help you get started today!

Please Note: the FDA would appreciate it if you would make note that I am not a doctor. I cannot offer medical advice, diagnose, treat or refer you to any anticancer oils for disease.  I love and use essential oils; so, I am passionate about sharing what I discover and experience as they support a healthy lifestyle for our family.  I encourage you to ask your doctor about essential oils, do as much research as you can, take it slow and learn your body and how it responds to essential oils.  Essential Oils are amazing little drops, but they are also very powerful.  Take control of your body and change the way you look at wellness, today.

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